The world as its always been.

“These are extremely exciting days to be walking with God” -Experiencing God.

Often you pick up a book and its words may resonate, they may reach out from the page and touch your heart. But never have I read more poignant words from a book than these, outside of the words of scripture. Maybe it just resonates with our journey, maybe I just feel like I should believe it more than I do. So many around me utter words of despair based on what they see to be the deteriorating state of our world. But what if we embraced the idea that there has never been a more exciting time to walk with God? If this is the culmination of days or not, if this is just the world as its always been, there has never been a better time to walk with God. Do I live like I believe that? Is it evident to every one I meet? It should be, I pray it is. I pray it’s evident in us as we step out on faith to follow God’s calling.

Are you living life like you’ve never experienced a more exciting time to walk with God? Because tomorrow it will only get more exciting.