From Emily:

When Doug first approached me with where he believed God was directing us, I did not jump on board right away.  The desire, and what I thought was a need, to plan every detail out as far in advance as possible so I could be absolutely positive this is the direction God was taking Doug and me, took over.  I wanted to know the who, what, when, where, why and how are we going to make this happen.  I got in the way by wanting to take it all on instead of placing everything in God’s hands.  This is a sin we all easily fall into. In accordance with Jeremiah 29:11, I must trust in the Lord and know that His plans for us are far better than my own!  As I loosened my grasp onto wanting to be in control, an indescribable peace has settled in.  The ability to make this happen on our own is so far out of reach for Doug and me, God’s immense glory and grace will be showcased.  Our desire is to study and receive training in guiding others to lead a sturdy Missional lifestyle, send disciples to the nations, and train fishers of men all for our glorious Heavenly Father.  Thank you for being a special part of Doug’s and my life.  You each have played an influential role in getting us where we are today.  We are eternally grateful for your prayers as we diligently follow God’s will.